Kristi Wysocki started Boom! Live. Social. after years of managing social media programs for businesses and helping her friends and family with their own accounts. She thought, “Businesses have help and guidance with their social media channels, why don’t individual users?”

Since signing up for Facebook in her dorm room, Kristi has launched a career in social media and advertising that has taken her around the world. From producing million-dollar video content for major automotive brands, to presenting strategic solutions at global marketing forums, Kristi has a proven track record of expertise and success. Kristi utilized her experience and knowledge of the platforms to build out an approachable and customizable social media training curriculum.


The social platforms are always changing—thus it’s hard to keep up, understand the latest terminology and avoid an embarrassing social media faux pas. Generational gaps evolve based on user knowledge and comfort within the platform.
Boom! Live. Social. bridges these gaps by educating users with helpful 1:1 training.

Boom! Live. Social. helps users of all ages gain confidence, better connect with family and friends, and enjoy social media.

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